Keto coffee oil pack set(in bulletproof coffee receipt)

A easy choice for keto coffee( bulletproof coffee).

Base on Grass fed anhrdrous milkfat + virgin coconut oil 

bulletproof oil pack, milkfat, coconut oil

We provide three different kind of oil pack with grass fed anhrdrous milkfat + virgin coconut oil as base. which is correct and natural material for keto coffee or bulletproof coffee user. which makes user feel satisfied longer than carbohydrates(Powder products).

Keto oil pack:Made with grass fed anhrdrous milkfat(13gram) + virgin coconut oil(13gram). all nature material, user could have keto coffee with their own hot coffee or other hot drink.

Keto coffee pack:Made with grass fed anhrdrous milkfat + virgin coconut oil + Freeze dried instant coffee powder. User could have keto coffee with hot water.

Keto cocoa pack:Made with grass fed anhrdrous milkfat + virgin coconut oil + pure cocoa powder. User could have keto cocoa with hot water.


Special french press mug.

We provide a mug with french press structure. which makes user easy to brew their own keto coffee in a minute and keep it warm over 5 hours.

bulletproof coffee, keto coffee, mug


Easy to brew in a minute.

With our oil pack series with french press mug, user could brew a correct keto coffee, cocoa in a minute. 

Step one: add fats in oil pack into our french press mug.
Step two: add hot water or hot coffee into press mug(depends on which pack you choose).

Step three: press the french press bar back and fourth. You can blend air, hot drink and fats together. which makes a tasty keto coffee or keto cocoa that lifts your spirits.


Correct Nutrition Facts.

26 gram fats with down to zero carbohydrate leads longer satisfied.We curate natural and high quality material and functional mug for an easier and better living.

  Keto oil pack(26g) keto coffee pack(31g) keto cocoa pack(33g)
Calories 223.6 241.4 245.3
Carbohydrate 0 3.1395 3.1845
Protein 0.0012 1.1902 1.3541
Sugar 0 0.5305 0.0858
Total fat
25.1055 27.016
Saturated fat 19.877 19.877 20.3368
Trans fat(natural) 0.611 0.611 0.517
Sodium 0.65mg 4.325mg 1.6335mg

About us

Geekchic workshop established at 2014 in Taipei. we only make products that we want to use too. Keto coffee oil pack series was inspired by bulletproof coffee. We make it easier to brew with high quality.

We provide different choice for different user. You can buy it as sample our self-use, Also you can buy it as wholesaler oversea. Or you can place your OEM order.